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We specialize in residential & commercial professional tree removal services in Englewood, NJ


We have the expertise and equipment to handle any tree service project in Englewood, NJ, no matter the size. Most of our work is in residential and commercial areas, often in small backyards and between houses.

Tree Removal Using A Crane

We own two cranes. Our 30-ton crane reaches up to 85’ away, and our 33-ton reaches up to 100’ away. Our crane operators and climbers work together on a daily basis and, at times, know each other’s moves before they are made. We also use state-of-the-art headsets to communicate verbally, eliminating the use of hand signals, which could create a human error. This type of experience ensures the most efficient and safest tree removal process to be offered.

Benefits Of Using A Crane In Englewood, NJ, Include The Following:

  • Prevents property/turf damage
  • Makes work safer and more efficient
  • Makes removing dead/hazardous trees a much safer process.

To help prevent turf damage, a plywood road is built to put the crane into place and set up. The trees were then systematically dissected by removing pieces and lowering them to the drop zone. The branches are then chipped, and the legs are loaded onto a truck to be taken away and disposed of.


Tree Removal Using A Bucket Truck

This handy piece of equipment allows us to reach places we would not otherwise be able to reach. The bucket truck reaches a height of 60’. This allows us to do a more aesthetically pleasing job. It also allows us to make cleaner cuts in the correct places, which benefits the tree’s overall health.

Tree Removal By Climbing And Rigging:

This style of tree removal is performed by lowering each limb and logging down by using a rope and then the groundsmen dispose of them. This helps give the climber control on how slowly the piece is lowered and in what area it should be placed. Rigging prevents injury, property damage, and power line strikes.

Our First priority is the safety of our customers and their family.

Once our tree specialist has evaluated your Englewood, NJ, property, they decide what equipment is needed to get the job done in a safe and timely manner.

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