With the summer sun shining bright, it’s the perfect time to focus on tree care to ensure that your trees thrive throughout the season. Let’s explore some essential summer tree care tips to keep your trees healthy, happy, and looking their best.


1. Watering Wisdom

June can bring hot and dry weather in New Jersey, which means your trees may need some extra hydration. Here are a few watering tips:

  • Deep Watering: Instead of frequent shallow watering, provide your trees with deep, thorough watering sessions. This encourages the roots to grow deeper, making them more resilient during droughts.
  • Mulch Matters: Apply a layer of mulch around the base of your trees. Mulch helps retain moisture, regulate soil temperature, and deter weeds that can compete for water.
  • Morning Watering: Water your trees in the early morning to reduce water loss through evaporation and allow the foliage to dry before nighttime, minimizing the risk of fungal diseases.

2. Pruning for Growth

June is an excellent time for some strategic pruning to encourage healthy growth:

  • Dead Limb Removal: Trim away any dead or damaged branches. This not only enhances the tree’s appearance but also reduces the risk of diseases spreading.
  • Thinning: Lightly thin the canopy to improve air circulation. This can help prevent fungal issues and promote overall tree health.
  • Shape and Structure: If you want to shape your trees or manage their structure, early summer is a good time to do it, as you can better assess the tree’s form without leaves in the way.

3. Pest and Disease Watch

Keep a close eye on your trees for any signs of pests or diseases:

  • Inspect Regularly: Regularly inspect your trees for unusual spots, discolored leaves, or signs of pest infestations. Early detection can save your trees from serious problems.
  • Professional Consultation: If you’re unsure about any issues, don’t hesitate to reach out to North Jersey Tree Specialists. Our certified arborists can identify and treat problems effectively.


4. Fertilization Considerations

Assess your trees’ nutritional needs:

  • Soil Testing: Consider having a soil test done to determine if your trees need any specific nutrients. Our experts can help you interpret the results and recommend appropriate fertilization.
  • Slow-Release Fertilizer: If necessary, use a slow-release fertilizer to provide your trees with a steady supply of nutrients throughout the season.



June is the perfect time to show your trees some love and attention. With proper watering, pruning, pest and disease monitoring, and nutritional support, you can ensure that your trees thrive in the summer sun. For professional tree care and advice tailored to your specific needs, don’t hesitate to contact North Jersey Tree Specialists. We’re here to help your trees stay healthy and beautiful all season long. Happy summer tree care!

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